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Traveling with Brushes

August 27th, 2012

Almost ready to travel East to Ireland. Working on packing and thinking out painting needs. I pray we are a blessing to all we meet and our Heavenly Father opens our eyes to ALL the beauty He has placed in this special island.

Sad to say that two weeks ago my wife and I where in Dublin, but my health failed me in a very strange way. Short story, we had to cancel our tour and fly home ASAP under tough conditions. It was something else, but though we lost the wonderful opportunity to see the Ireland, lost the funds and went though a very difficult 7+ hour flight, plus getting to the airport in a wheel chair, etc. Our Heavenly Father has/is kicking the stones out of the way and to tell you the truth, I feel like all my life to this point has only been a shadow of what is to come. To say it simply, I feel re-born. All my life I have had a problem with myself of painting. I always wanted to paint, but everything else got in the way. Now, through this event of ill health, my desire to paint is becoming a reality rather than a dream. I am so thankful for all that has happened to me. I am still working through the medical process and have no idea what or why, physically, happen to be, but spiritually and mentally I am so much better than I ever was and for this I Thank my Heavenly Father, YAH-VEY, in Jesus Name!!!